Recruitment Solutions Provider of the Year

This award recognises and celebrates a recruitment solutions provider which has demonstrated outstanding services within the construction and civil engineering industry during the previous 18 months.


For the past 20 years, Constructionarium has been a transformative force in shaping the construction industry's talent pipelines. Through its immersive live construction site experience, it allows potential early career entrants, c1000 a year, to showcase their skills, knowledge, and behaviors in a realistic work environment, offering employers an unparalleled view into individual capabilities before recruitment. Over five days, delegates work in teams of 15-20 to construct a scaled replica of an iconic structure – The Gherkin, Millau Cable Bridge, AngliaZero (a floating offshore wind turbine and land-built house), Canary Wharf Underground Station, Naples Canopy Roof etc; there are 17 projects in our portfolio. This hands-on approach not only accelerates the identification of technical prowess but also highlights the competencies of these potential new recruits. The programme's collaboration with industry ensures alignment with evolving sector needs.

Finlay Jude Associates

Skill shortage and resource increase – Active Leakage Detection- Water Sector FJA clients required the need to increase Full time Leakage teams to actively target leakage and reduce water losses. FJA suggested a Skills Shortage project, the approach to split existing two person Leakage detection teams. Allowing experienced assistants to be promoted to Lead Technicians. Offering career progression and increased retention figures. FJA then used their recruitment process, coupled with over 60 years of water sector knowledge to rapidly recruit to fulfil the vacant assistant roles. Once the Trainee’s have gained the experience required, they could then be promoted to Skilled Engineers, allowing increase of teams again. This approach allowed unskilled candidates with the right work ethic and behaviours the opportunity to gain experience and qualifications. Providing a foundation for a lifelong career in the Water Sector. Approach included, role advertisement, interview, background check, right to work and payroll services.

Nutral Solutions

The Nutral-Careys collaboration stands out for its exceptional commitment to diversity, upskilling, digitisation, and sustainability within the construction industry. By engaging diverse businesses and fostering a workforce that reflects community diversity, we've driven innovation and inclusivity. Our digitisation efforts have streamlined operations, enhancing efficiency and ethical employment practices. Moreover, our approach to training and developing the supply chain will ensure a legacy of continuous improvement. These strategic initiatives have not only improved project outcomes but also established a benchmark for excellence in supply chain collaboration, showcasing our partnership as an example of innovation and responsibility in the construction industry.

VGC Group

VGC is an industry-leading provider of support services in the UK infrastructure sector, delivering skilled workforce solutions to major construction projects. Our commitment to safety, quality, and sustainability, aligned with industry best practices, has positioned us as a leading partner. The VGC Digital Transformation Team integrates cutting-edge technology to optimise core services, fostering collaborative relationships. Our recruitment solutions surpass industry benchmarks, with a focus on social impact and sustainability, achieving remarkable results in employment, training, and diversity. Partnerships and initiatives targeting hard to reach groups and providing sustainable employment demonstrate our commitment to social value.