Consulting Firm of the Year

This award recognises an engineering consulting firm (UK division or wholly based UK firm) in the construction and civil engineering industry that has delivered improved performance during the previous 18 months.


An employee-owned business, Curtins have been established for more than 63 years and continually build on their mission to leave a lasting positive legacy for the communities they serve. During the last 18months, they have grown as a recognised expert in the investigation and mitigation of RAAC, and announced realistic targets for embodied carbon reduction, based on bespoke analysis of the embodied carbon in their projects. As thought leaders, Curtins collaborate to develop industry guidance and share best practice and learnings at national industry- and independent Curtins’- events. 2023 continued to be their most financially successful to date. They adapt to market changes to deliver services responsive to the needs of their clients, helping clients achieve successful outcomes from pre-planning to completion; whilst maintaining a robust and stable business model that will ensure their continuity and legacy for decades to come.

Pell Frischmann

Pell Frischmann has seen the implementation of two successive Business Improvement Plans. The most recent, developed in 2022, was aimed at achieving sustained growth. At the heart of this, we focused on making Pell Frischmann an exceptional place to work. We transformed our culture by empowering our people and encouraging them to be driven by their passions. The results of this have given us an exceptional year of business in 2023. Financial growth is one metric we exceeded, growing from £39M to £44.7M in turnover. But we also excelled in many other metrics such as: Sustainability; Social Value; Client Satisfaction; and Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity. As we continue to support our people to flourish as individuals, we are confident this will translate to celebrating many more achievements for the business, as we progress along this impressive trajectory of sustained growth.


WSP's journey is one of resilience, collaboration, and transformative impact. Over the past 18 months, WSP has been on an upward trajectory. Amidst a landscape of challenges and opportunities, we have steadily grown, diversifying our expertise in new sectors. Our commitment to innovation remains unwavering as we strive for a sustainable future, shaping environments for the people who use them. We believe that how we do things really matters. We integrate seamlessly into our client teams, working flexibly to allow them to fully benefit from our skills and expertise. Our clients are at the heart of what we do. During this period, we have co-created high-quality projects for our clients and communities, working tirelessly to deliver on our promises, through collaboration and partnership with our clients, partners and communities.