Advisory Services Provider of the Year

This award recognises and celebrates an advisory services provider which has demonstrated outstanding services within the construction and civil engineering industry during the previous 18 months.

London Bridge Associates

LBA provides outstanding specialist services as a small tunnelling and fire safety consultancy and is 100% employee owned with 44 permanent staff. Services that LBA provides includes Construction and Engineering Management, Fire Safety Services, Construction and Logistic Planning, Project Management, Construction and Design Management (CDM) advice and Cost estimating. LBA offers our collective knowledge using experience in various roles to support Contactors, Consultants and Clients to deliver major projects. LBA have a strong reputation in the tunnelling industry, which is reflected by the Clients we work with repeatedly across multiple projects who recognise the unique value we add. LBA provides expert services and specialist advice in tunnelling and fire safety. LBA strive to always go above and beyond to deliver the highest quality work. LBA have developed a strong relationship with our high profile clients working collaboratively on complex projects, leading to high levels of satisfaction and positive feedback.

The Contract Coach®

The Contract Coach® is a trailblazer in the construction and civil engineering industry, offering innovative and empathetic services that redefine industry standards. Founded by Yosof Ewing, whose personal journey fuels the mission, he provides tailored advice addressing both legal complexities and human experiences. His initiatives, such as his coaching programme for specialist contractors, empower businesses to navigate challenges confidently. Notable successes, such as resolving payment disputes, demonstrate his commitment to fairness. Yosof contributes to industry progress through platforms like LinkedIn and speaking engagements. Looking forward, Yosof aims to revolutionise contractor operations with two upcoming products and a community platform. Led by Yosof , The Contract Coach® not only excels in advisory services but also sparks positive change in construction and civil engineering. The blend of empathy, innovation, and advocacy makes The Contract Coach® deserving of The 2024 NCE Award for Advisory Services Provider of the Year.

Tungsten Capital

The UK construction industry faces its worst crisis since 2008 with a surge in insolvencies, driven by soaring costs, economic and financial challenges. Mazars reports 4,370 construction companies became insolvent in 2023, up 76% from 2020/21. Factors include high material and labour costs, escalating borrowing expenses and the rise in late and failed payment claims, leading to increased strain on balance sheets and failing liquidity. Alternative funding solutions like that offered by Tungsten Capital provide relief to contractors, subcontractors and consultants alike, shifting the cost burden to third-party funders and mitigating insolvency risks. Tungsten Capital's innovative model provides off-balance sheet financing and flexible fee structures, empowering companies to pursue claims without compromising financial stability. With £5.6 million already invested and an additional £10 million raised, Tungsten Capital's Claims Funding initiative meets growing demand for alternative funding in the construction sector amidst economic uncertainty


The past decade has seen a convergence of technically-led civil engineering specialists like WSP with management consultancy and advisory services providers. Our 2021-2024 UK strategy set a goal for advisory services to represent 40% of our UK revenue by 2024, with 60% in technically led engineering and programme management services. The ambition equips us to better anticipate and meet clients' needs at any stage of their projects and programme journey and provide more rounded advice on how to respond to macro-priorities like climate change and digital transformation. Commercially it is an opportunity to work with our clients earlier on in their investment and project cycle and provides a greater diversity of work for additional resilience to our business in periods of economic uncertainty.